Day 10

With the enthusiasm soaring and the performance time nearing, this last day saw the students coming in early to practice their pieces. The groups took over different spaces around the NID Bangalore campus and put their best foot forward in composing some really unique and experimental music. This day was also the last day when […]


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Day Nine

As the final day approached, the students were excited as well as nervous. They needed to put together an entire showcase for tomorrow and there seemed to be changes to the plan non stop. Both written as well as video documentations were underway and even the invites for the showcase were pending. Tensions were flying […]

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Day 8

Edgar took an unconventional approach and decided to skip meditation. When the puzzled students looked for an answer to this, he said that he wanted them to experience the difference without meditation throughout the day. Explaining his thoughts, Edgar said, “I want you to experience the difference in working without meditation and understand it for […]

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Day Seven

As the end of the module approaches, the days get more hectic. Thankfully the daily morning routine of stretching and meditation helps calm the students and preps them for the day ahead. Today’s challenging stretching session was lead by Jimena after which the students immediately got to finishing their hand drums from yesterday. Once they […]

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Day Six

Krishna lead the stretching exercises on Day Six. For meditation today, Edgar played some of his own compositions during meditation today. The music was made of only bamboo instruments. The students spent alot of time practicing together with their groups today. However they first got to finishing the instrument that had been left incomplete last […]

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Day Five

The conclusion of the first week could not have been better. Post the stretching session by Apoorva, Edgar introduced the sound of wind chimes along with the instruments that he usually plays during the meditation. It was a pleasant addition and had an extremely relaxing effect on the students. It was infact, so successful at […]

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